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We are Vaccertify

We provide businesses with a printable vaccine certificate PDF that can be easily displayed on your storefront or anywhere onsite. The certificate is also available online and comes with a scannable QR code.

How it works

Been vaccinated? Choose the certificate package that fits with the number of employees: either 1 employee, 2 to 5, or 6 to 10. After ordering you will receive instructions on how to email or upload the proof of vaccinations. Within 1-3 business days of submitting proof you will received the printable PDF vaccination certificate for your business.

Once I put up the Vaccertify certificate customers felt more confident coming in to my business.  -Chris

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Choose your Certificate Package

Ready to get your printable vaccine certificate?


Step 1

Choose which package fits your number of employees & add to it to your cart and complete order.

Step 2

After purchasing you will be able to upload your proof of vaccination(s) on our website or by emailing us. You will receive instructions via email on how to do so.

Step 3

After the documents are reviewed you will receive your Printable Vaccine Certificate in 1-3 business days via email. 


Healthcare Workers

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Senior Citizens

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Frontline Workers

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hey there!

Have you been needing to share your vaccination status with your customers? Vaccertify is the simple solution you have been looking for. Easily share your printable vaccine certificate on your storefront or onsite at your business. Each certificate comes with a web address that can be texted or emailed and a scannable QR code. Just send us the proof of vaccinations for yourself and employees and we review and provide you a certificate that protects your identities and medical information.

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